Attack of the Zombies

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Step into the harrowing world of “Attack of the Zombies,” where the undead have taken over and survival is the only goal. With a looming threat around every corner, players must navigate this dystopia, ensuring they’re always a step ahead of the relentless zombie hordes.

Controls and Gameplay:

  • Movement: Use the arrow keys to maneuver through the decaying landscapes, dodging zombies and finding strategic positions to hold your ground.
  • Shooting: The spacebar is your primary line of defense. Swift reactions and precise shots will keep the zombies at bay.
  • Pumpgun: For those situations where you’re surrounded or facing a tougher crowd, the pumpgun, activated by the Ctrl key, is a lifesaver. This weapon delivers a more powerful shot, clearing out larger groups of zombies.
  • Machine Pistol (MP): When speed is of the essence, switch to the machine pistol with the Shift key. Its rapid-fire action is perfect for thinning out advancing hordes.

The primary rule? Never let the zombies touch you. One touch, and it’s game over. With this constant threat, “Attack of the Zombies” ensures players are always on edge, making split-second decisions to ensure their survival.

Strategically use your weapons, be vigilant of your surroundings, and remember: in this world, staying alive is the only victory. Prepare for an adrenaline-packed experience as you take on wave after wave of the undead, testing both your reflexes and resilience.

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