Bouncy Dude.IO

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Getting Started:

  1. Enter your preferred username.
  2. Click the “Play” button to start your adventure.

Objective: Survive for as long as possible by continuously moving downward while avoiding obstacles.


  • Use the arrow keys to navigate and dodge obstacles. Customize these controls within the game settings if needed.


  1. As you descend, you will come across various obstacles. Your mission is to avoid them at all costs.
  2. The longer you last, the higher your score will be.
  3. Collect coins or other in-game currency as you navigate to unlock new skins and other perks.

Tip: Timing is crucial. Pay close attention to the patterns of the obstacles and plan your movements accordingly.

Customization: Earned currency can be used in the game’s store to unlock unique skins to customize your character, making your gameplay experience even more personal and exciting.

Have fun and try to survive for as long as possible! Remember, practice makes perfect.

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