Disaster Will Strike 2

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Disaster Will Strike 2

“Disaster Will Strike 2” is a physics-based puzzle game that is the sequel to the original “Disaster Will Strike.” This game continues with the unique concept of using natural disasters to solve puzzles. Players are given control over various natural disasters, which they must strategically use to complete levels and overcome challenges.

The game typically involves a series of levels where the objective is to destroy structures, defeat enemies (often represented as eggs in the game), or clear obstacles using a set array of disasters. These disasters could include hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, meteor strikes, and other catastrophic events. Each disaster has unique properties and effects on the game environment, and players must cleverly utilize them to achieve the level’s goal.

In “Disaster Will Strike 2,” players might encounter more complex puzzles compared to the first game, requiring more thoughtful planning and a better understanding of how different disasters interact with the environment. For example, using an earthquake might break apart structures, while a flood could wash away debris or enemies.

The game’s levels are designed to challenge the player’s problem-solving skills and understanding of physics. Successfully completing a level often involves not just deploying disasters at the right time, but also in the right order and location.

Visually, “Disaster Will Strike 2” typically features colorful and cartoonish graphics, making the destructive nature of the disasters less graphic and more suitable for a broad audience, including younger players. The interface is usually intuitive, with clear indications of the types of disasters available for each level and easy controls for deploying them.

“Disaster Will Strike 2” appeals to players who enjoy strategic puzzle games and those who are intrigued by the idea of creatively using forces of nature to solve challenges. It offers a mix of entertainment, strategy, and a bit of educational value regarding the effects of various natural disasters.

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