Invention Suspension

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About the game

Invention Suspension is an exciting physics-based puzzle game where players take on the role of an inventive scientist. In this game, you’ll need to navigate your helicopter through a series of challenging levels, picking up various parts to complete your invention. It requires careful control, forethought, and a good understanding of physics to successfully maneuver the helicopter, avoid obstacles, and collect all the parts.

The controls are simple but mastering them requires practice. You’ll need to carefully manage the helicopter’s thrust, movement, and magnet – which is used to pick up parts. The game gradually increases in difficulty, introducing new obstacles and challenges that require more advanced maneuvers and tactics.

The core appeal of Invention Suspension lies in its challenge and the sense of accomplishment it offers. Successfully navigating a level, avoiding all hazards, and completing your invention provides a satisfying experience that keeps you coming back for more. The game’s blend of physics-based gameplay, puzzle-solving, and inventive theme makes it an engaging and enjoyable gaming experience.

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