L.A. Rex

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About LA Rex

“L.A. Rex” is an intense game of destruction developed by Game Tornado, released in July 2013. In this game, players control a ferocious T-Rex rampaging through the streets of Los Angeles. The objective is to cause as much chaos and destruction as possible, embodying the role of the king of the dinosaurs. Players can attack humans and vehicles, tearing them apart or smashing them to pieces, fully embracing the game’s ruthless nature.

The game features beautifully crafted levels set across Los Angeles, offering 16 levels for players to complete. The immersive experience is further enhanced by the game’s cool sound effects, contributing to the intense and engaging gameplay. “L.A. Rex” is accessible as a web browser game, both on desktop and mobile platforms, making it easily playable on various devices.

The controls of “L.A. Rex” are simple and intuitive, with AD or left/right arrow keys used for walking and the left mouse click for biting. This control scheme allows players to effortlessly navigate the T-Rex through the streets of L.A., engaging in the game’s destructive and thrilling gameplay.

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