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“Line Rider” is a classic internet game that is more of a toy than a traditional game, in the sense that there’s no scoring, no levels, and no objectives other than what the player sets for themselves. Created by Boštjan Čadež, a Slovenian student, in 2006, the game quickly became a viral sensation due to its simplicity and the creativity it allowed.


  1. Drawing Tracks: At its core, “Line Rider” is about drawing lines. Using a pencil tool, players create slopes, jumps, and other paths. Once they’re ready, they press play, and a small character on a sled, known as the rider, slides along the paths.
  2. Physics-Based Movement: The rider’s movement is dictated by real-world physics. If a slope is too steep, the rider won’t have enough momentum to climb it. If it’s too shallow, the rider might not gain enough speed for a jump. The game’s charm lies in tweaking and adjusting lines to achieve the desired effect.
  3. Unlimited Creativity: Without set objectives or levels, players are free to create whatever they imagine, from simple downhill slides to intricate designs where the rider flips, jumps, or even “dances” to music.

Cultural Impact and Legacy:

  • Viral Videos: The simplicity of “Line Rider” led to countless players sharing their tracks online. Some particularly dedicated creators synchronized their tracks to music, creating visual spectacles that gathered millions of views on platforms like YouTube.
  • Educational Use: Because of its physics-based mechanics, some educators have used “Line Rider” as a fun tool to demonstrate principles of momentum, gravity, and kinetic energy to students.
  • Versions and Spin-offs: The popularity of the original “Line Rider” led to various versions, spin-offs, and unofficial adaptations, expanding its features and allowing for even greater creativity.

“Line Rider” is a testament to the power of simplicity in game design. Without any defined objectives or levels, it gave players a blank canvas, allowing them to become both the game designer and the player. Over a decade after its release, it remains a beloved internet classic, celebrated for the countless hours of creativity and entertainment it provided to millions around the world.

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