Rats Invasion 2

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About Rats Invasion 2

The battle against the pesky rodents continues in Rats Invasion 2. Players are once again tasked with ridding their domain of the rat menace, using an arsenal of tools, traps, and tactics. This physics-based puzzle game builds on the mechanics of the original, introducing new challenges, environments, and rat varieties to contend with.

Each level demands strategy. Players must choose the right tool for the job, whether it’s launching projectiles, setting up explosive traps, or utilizing environmental hazards. The rats, however, are no pushovers. They come equipped with their own defenses and behaviors, making the task of extermination a true challenge. The game’s cartoonish graphics, combined with its clever level design, ensures that Rats Invasion 2 offers hours of rodent-wrangling fun. Whether you’re aiming for a perfect score or simply seeking the satisfaction of rat removal, this game delivers on all fronts.

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