Red Ball 4 – Volume 1

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Red Ball 4: 1st Volume

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“Red Ball 4 – Vol 1” continues the adventures of the beloved Red Ball, but this time with a fresh twist. The nefarious Black Squares are turning the round world into a square one, and it’s up to Red Ball to stop them. This installment introduces new enemies and obstacles, raising the bar for the series.

The gameplay in “Red Ball 4 – Vol 1” is marked by creative level design, with each stage introducing new challenges that require players to think strategically. This installment adds a combat element to the game, with players needing to bounce on enemies to defeat them.

The game maintains the series’ vibrant and playful visual style. The added layer of the narrative about defending the round world adds to the game’s charm, making “Red Ball 4 – Vol 1” a delightful and exciting platformer.

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