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“Stickshot” is a gripping sniper game that puts players in the role of a stick-figure sniper. The game revolves around the player taking on hit jobs, requiring precision shooting and quick reflexes to take out targets from long distances. Set against various urban backdrops, players must locate and assassinate designated targets while staying hidden and protecting their identity.

The game starts with players receiving briefings for their missions, which include identifying and eliminating specific individuals in a crowd based on provided descriptions or behaviors. As the game progresses, the challenges increase with the addition of security guards, police, and rival snipers who are out to stop you from completing your objectives.

With each successful mission, players can earn money to purchase upgrades for their sniper rifle and equipment, including better scopes, stabilizers, and ammunition. These upgrades are crucial for tackling more difficult missions that feature moving targets, tighter windows of opportunity, and increased security measures.

The controls of “Stickshot” are designed to be simple yet engaging, providing players with a zoomable scope view and the need to account for timing, as well as the steadiness of the sniper’s hand. The game often requires a balance between careful planning and quick execution, as players must make their shots count without giving away their position.

“Stickshot” offers a dark yet addictive experience with its combination of stealth, strategy, and shooting gameplay. The minimalist stick-figure graphics ensure that the game runs smoothly and keeps the focus on gameplay rather than detailed visuals. With a variety of missions and the constant need to improve one’s gear and skills, “Stickshot” appeals to players who enjoy a good action-packed sniper game with a strategic twist.

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