Submachine 1: The Basement

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The First Verison of Submachine

“Submachine: The Basement” is an immersive point-and-click adventure game that is the first installment of the Submachine series. In this game, players find themselves in a mysterious, dark basement filled with strange machineries and puzzles that need to be solved. The creator, Mateusz Skutnik, is recognized for the high-quality puzzles and level design that demand players to explore and interact with the environment to unravel the secrets of the abandoned basement.

The gameplay is centered around solving puzzles to progress through the story, with the atmosphere of the game enhancing the sense of mystery and discovery. The controls are simple, utilizing the mouse to click on objects and navigate through the game’s environment.

The Submachine series is well-known for its intricate puzzle design and engaging storylines. “Submachine: The Basement” sets the stage for this with its compelling setting and challenging puzzles, inviting players to start their journey into the Submachine universe with curiosity and intrigue.

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