Sum Points

About Sum Points

“Sum Points” is a mathematical puzzle game that stretches the player’s arithmetic and strategic planning skills. The objective of the game is to reduce all numerical values on the board to zero using subtraction by placing points on a grid. Each level presents a unique arrangement of numbers and subtraction points, and the player must determine the correct sequence and placement of these points to clear the board.

The gameplay is elegantly simple in design but can be deceptively challenging. Players are given a set number of ‘subtractors,’ which, when placed on the grid, will deduct their value from all numbers in the same row and column. The challenge comes from the order and position in which you place these subtractors, as every move affects the board’s outcome. The game encourages players to think several moves ahead, similar to chess, making for a mentally stimulating experience.

With its minimalist interface and soothing soundtrack, “Sum Points” provides a relaxed yet intellectually stimulating environment for puzzle enthusiasts. The levels are crafted to offer a gradual learning curve, introducing new players to the game’s mechanics while providing seasoned veterans with complex puzzles that require careful thought and precision.

“Sum Points” is lauded for its ability to blend education with entertainment, offering an approachable way for players to practice and enjoy mathematics. It serves as an excellent brain exercise, providing a sense of accomplishment with each puzzle solved and each level mastered, making it a satisfying and enriching experience for all who play.

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