Whack Your Teacher

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Whack Your Teacher

In “Whack Your Teacher”, players take on the role of a student dealing with an obnoxious teacher. Similarly to other games in the series, you must use items in your environment to stand up to the antagonistic authority figure. Each interaction results in a distinct, over-the-top animation that offers a cathartic sense of retribution.

Despite the controversial subject matter, “Whack Your Teacher” doesn’t condone real-life violence. Instead, the game uses its cartoonish aesthetic and exaggerated animations to create a disconnect from reality, turning the teacher-student conflict into a source of dark humor and entertaining gameplay.

“Whack Your Teacher” continues the theme of providing a harmless outlet for frustrations that might arise from real-world situations. The cartoonish, over-the-top violence doesn’t hide the fact that the student-teacher relationship can sometimes be fraught with tension. Each successful whack carries a sense of retribution that’s satisfying, while also highlighting the game’s primary purpose: to entertain and amuse.

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