Thing Thing 3

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“Thing Thing 3” is an action-packed platform-shooter game developed by Diseased Productions and released on multiple gaming platforms. As the third installment in the Thing-Thing series, it continues the intense and violent gameplay that the series is known for. Players control a bio-weapon character named Project 154, who is on a mission to uncover the mysteries of his creation and take down the sinister organization behind it​.

The game features fast-paced shooting action, with players navigating through various levels filled with enemies and obstacles. The controls are simple yet effective: players use the arrow keys or WASD to move, the mouse to aim and shoot, and other keys to switch weapons and run. The gameplay emphasizes precision and quick reflexes as players battle hordes of enemies using an array of weapons, each with its unique characteristics​ .

“Thing Thing 3” is noted for its challenging levels and the introduction of new bosses and enemies that require strategic thinking and skillful maneuvering. The game also includes a variety of secret weapons that players can unlock by completing specific challenges. With its gritty graphics, engaging storyline, and relentless action, “Thing Thing 3” remains a popular title among fans of the genre​.

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