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Bot Arena 3 is a strategic robot-building game developed by GameGecko, where players build and manage a team of combat robots to compete in the Bot Arena Champion Cup. Each robot is composed of a chassis, plating, and weapon, which players can customize and upgrade as they earn money from winning battles. The game requires strategic planning as players must consider the weight limits for each battle and decide on the best combination of components to maximize their chances of victory.

The game offers a variety of new features compared to its predecessors, including controllable bots, instant gameplay via challenge mode, and a wide range of new weapons, plating, and chassis. Players must use their mouse to control the game, dragging and positioning their bots during battles to optimize their performance. Winning battles not only grants cash for upgrades but also unlocks new battle opportunities and items in the shop.

Released in 2007, Bot Arena 3 has garnered a loyal following for its depth of strategy and engaging gameplay. The ability to customize and upgrade bots provides a rewarding experience as players progress through increasingly difficult tournaments. The game remains a favorite for fans of strategy and robot combat games.

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