Azul Baronic

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“Azul Baronis” is an online action game that offers an experience of massive space battles. The game is set in a universe where players take control of a squadron of blue ships in various battles against different enemy forces. One of the key aspects of “Azul Baronis” is that you pilot one ship at a time, with your squadron not having any significant advantage over the AI-controlled squadrons. This setup makes the outcome of the battles heavily dependent on your playing skills.

The game includes features such as intelligent AI and allied ships, and it does not give the player any significant advantage other than their playing skill. This approach results in a gameplay experience that feels unique and challenging. Players use the WASD keys to control their ship, the spacebar to use the afterburner, and the left mouse button to shoot. The afterburner only works when the yellow bar is charged, and it drops to zero if you shoot or get shot, adding a strategic element to the gameplay.

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