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“Artillery Rush 2” is a physics-based puzzle game that puts players in the midst of World War II, where they must use a variety of artillery to destroy enemy structures and soldiers. The game requires strategic aiming and precise shooting to cause maximum destruction with limited ammunition. Players can choose between different sides and missions, each offering unique challenges and environments to test their skills in artillery warfare​.

The gameplay involves selecting the appropriate angle and power for each shot to achieve the desired impact. Players must consider factors like the type of structures, the placement of enemies, and the available ammunition types, which include explosives, incendiary rounds, and poison gas. The goal is to maximize damage while using the fewest shots possible, earning stars and advancing through increasingly difficult levels​.

Developed by BibaGames and released in 2013, “Artillery Rush 2” builds on the mechanics of its predecessor, offering more weapons, soldiers, and complex scenarios. The game is well-received for its challenging puzzles and engaging gameplay, making it a popular choice among fans of strategy and physics-based games. It is available to play on various online gaming platforms, ensuring accessibility for a wide audience​.

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