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“TU-46” is a flight simulation game developed as a sequel to “TU-95.” In this game, players step into the role of a pilot managing the Tupolev TU-46, a 1970s passenger aircraft. The primary objective is to successfully operate an airline by transporting passengers across six different countries. Players must master the intricacies of takeoff, in-flight management, and landing while dealing with various in-flight challenges and ensuring passenger safety​​.

The game features realistic flight controls that simulate the actual operation of a commercial aircraft. Tasks include starting the engine, managing the landing gear, adjusting flaps, and even handling emergencies like fires. Successful flights earn money, which can be invested in upgrading the aircraft to improve its performance and stability, adding a strategic economic management element to the gameplay​.

“TU-46” is well-regarded for its detailed simulation and engaging gameplay. The realistic flight dynamics and the variety of tasks keep players immersed. The competitive aspect, where players build a positive image for their airline and compete against other airlines, adds depth to the experience, making it a standout title in the flight simulation genre​.

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