18 Goal Golf

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18 Goal Golf

18 Goal Golf is a fun and challenging online golf game that you can play for free on noflashgame.com websites. In this game, you need to aim and hit the ball towards the hole in as few shots as possible. The game consists of 18 holes with different landscapes and obstacles, making it more challenging as you progress.

To play 18 Goal Golf, you use the mouse to aim and hit the ball. You need to adjust the direction and strength of your shots carefully, taking into account the terrain, wind direction, and obstacles. The fewer shots you take to reach the hole, the better your score will be. The game also has a par system, where you are given a certain number of shots to complete each hole. You need to stay within the par limit to score well.

As you play 18 Goal Golf, you will encounter various challenges, such as sand traps, water hazards, and trees. You need to strategize and plan your shots carefully to avoid these obstacles and reach the hole. The game is designed to be challenging yet enjoyable, providing players with hours of entertainment.

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