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“Elona Shooter,” developed by indie developer Noa, is a turret defense game enriched with RPG elements and was released as part of Noa’s entry into the Flash gaming community. The game draws its inspiration from the roguelike RPG “Elona,” but its focus is more on tactical gameplay and defense mechanics, similar to popular castle defense games. Despite sharing graphic styles and themes with its RPG counterpart, “Elona Shooter” stands out with its unique blend of gameplay styles​​.

Players in “Elona Shooter” get to assemble a team of characters, each with unique skills and weapon proficiencies. This team-building aspect adds a layer of strategy, as players need to consider the balance of skills and weapons among team members. Some characters may specialize in small weapons like pistols and bows, while others might handle heavy artillery like machine guns and rocket launchers. These variations in character abilities contribute significantly to the tactical depth of the game​​.

At the start of the game, players choose their first character from four classes: Rogue, Hunter, Sheriff, and Militia, each with distinct advantages. The Hunter class is noted for its versatility. Additionally, players can select between playing in Casual or Hardcore mode, tailoring the game experience to their preference. “Elona Shooter” is notable for its extensive in-game customization options, including a variety of weapons and items, each with their own stats and mods, allowing for a highly personalized gameplay experience

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