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“Palisade Guardian 3” is a significant evolution from its predecessors, offering a futuristic setting where players must defend humanity from an alien invasion. Set in the year 2050, the game features giant bug-like aliens invading Earth, and the player’s objective is to fight their way from New York City to Miami, confronting hordes of these alien creatures.

The gameplay mechanics are similar to the earlier games in the series, focusing on shooting and defense. Players use the mouse to aim and fire, the spacebar for precision aiming through the gun’s sight, and number keys to switch between various weapons. The game features 6 epic weapons and 9 stages, each presenting unique challenges and requiring strategic use of the player’s arsenal.

A notable addition in “Palisade Guardian 3” is the Tech Tree, where players can spend stars earned from winning levels to upgrade their weapons. This feature adds a layer of strategy and customization, allowing players to tailor their weapons to their play style. Furthermore, players can earn coins in each level, which can be used to buy power-ups, providing an additional advantage on the battlefield.

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