Super Knight Quest

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About this game

“Super Knight Quest” is a roguelike side-scrolling game that stars a knight embarking on a challenging quest. Developed by Squidly, the game is known for its engaging platforming elements and action-adventure gameplay. It is available for play on various platforms, including and Arcade Spot, and was released in alpha form with plans for further development.

The game stands out for its procedurally generated levels, ensuring that each run is unique and presents different challenges. Players must master the use of their trusty sword and an array of upgrades to navigate through the game’s environments successfully. These upgrades are essential for the player to adapt to different situations and overcome the varied obstacles and enemies encountered during the quest.

“Super Knight Quest” features two acts and a boss fight in the alpha version of its first world, along with a high-score system. The controls are intuitive, with the arrow keys used for movement, Z for jumping, X for attacking, C for using magic or skills, and a combination of the Down arrow and Z for rolling. The game also includes a reset function with the R key.

The game’s roguelike nature adds to its replayability, as each playthrough offers a new experience with different level layouts and challenges. This aspect, combined with the game’s action-packed gameplay and platforming challenges, makes “Super Knight Quest” an enjoyable game for fans of the roguelike and action-platformer genres. The alpha release of the game has been well-received, with players looking forward to future updates and additional content.

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