Causality: Saving Private Stickman

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About Saving Private Stickman Version of the Causality Game

In “Causality: Saving Private Stickman,” you are tasked with eliminating all stickmen in a military-themed setting without any of them witnessing the demise of their comrades. Use your mouse to interact with objects and people, carefully planning your moves to create a chain of events leading to their downfall. With multiple levels and a myriad of different environments, you’ll need to think strategically and stay alert to achieve your goal.

As you progress through the game, you’ll be faced with increasingly complex scenarios that will challenge your problem-solving abilities. The military base setting provides numerous opportunities for clever interactions and traps, ensuring a unique and engaging experience each time you play. Remember to stay stealthy, as the game only continues if no stickmen see each other die.

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