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“Potty Racers” is an amusing and unconventional racing game where the main objective is to build and fly a porta-potty as far as possible. The game is set on a hillside, and players need to hurtle down this hill and launch off a ramp to achieve flight. The unique aspect of this game is the porta-potty itself, which serves as the vehicle for the player’s aerial adventures.

The game employs simple controls, primarily the arrow keys, which are used to maintain balance and guide the potty in flight. As players progress through their flights, they earn cash which can then be used to upgrade the porta-potty. These upgrades can include better wheels, engines, wings, and even parachutes, each enhancing the potty’s performance.

“Potty Racers” is a progressive game, meaning players need to work on improving their distance day by day. The game also features different levels and areas to fly in, which are unlocked by meeting specific requirements. This aspect of the game adds a sense of progression and achievement as players improve their potty and skills.

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