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“Stealth Hunter” is a flash-based action game that offers a mix of stealth, puzzle, and action elements. In this game, players assume the role of a secret agent tasked with completing various missions that require stealth and cunning. The gameplay is quite engaging, with a focus on sneaking around, avoiding detection by guards and security cameras, and using strategic thinking to overcome obstacles.

Key gameplay mechanics include the ability to snap necks of unsuspecting guards, plant C4 explosives for strategic advantages, and navigate through levels filled with various challenges. The game emphasizes the importance of remaining undetected and making calculated moves to ensure survival and mission success. Players are equipped with a variety of tools and gadgets, including lock picks, hacking devices, and night vision, to aid them in their missions.

“Stealth Hunter” offers a substantial amount of content, with the first version featuring 22 missions and the second installment further enhancing the experience with 24 levels, improved AI, and additional weapons. The levels are designed to offer a variety of approaches, allowing players to choose their style of play, whether it’s sneaking through the shadows or incapacitating guards in close quarters. The game also includes bonus levels and achievements that add to its replayability and challenge.

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