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“Crumbled 2” is a sequel to the innovative platform-based puzzle game where players control a crumpled piece of paper. The game expands on the original’s unique concept, offering over 30 new levels with increasing difficulty and complexity. Each level challenges players to reach a green flag to progress, requiring a combination of platforming skills and strategic drawing.

In this game, players must draw their path using the mouse, creating land for the paper character to navigate. This mechanic sets “Crumbled 2” apart from traditional platformers, as it requires players to think creatively and plan their routes effectively. The levels vary in design, some featuring simple layouts with circles and others presenting more complex systems of walls and obstacles.

“Crumbled 2” introduces new enemies and elements that add to the gameplay experience. Pencils are common adversaries; their tips are lethal, but their erasers act as jump pads. Another enemy, the Ink Ball, bounces around the drawn land, getting smaller with each bounce until it disappears and respawns. The Ink Plow poses a different challenge, knocking players back with force but not causing instant death. Players can either draw walls to deflect it or try to avoid it altogether. The game also features teleporters, adding another layer of strategy to level navigation.

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