Radio Zed by Badhed

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Get to Know About Radio Zed by Badhed

“Radio Zed” is a survival shooter game set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. Players must protect their radio transmitter, which is their only hope for salvation, from the relentless waves of zombies. You and your friends are stuck in a small town with dwindling supplies, and the transmitter on the roof of your building is attracting the undead. The objective is to use all available firepower to fend off the zombies while upgrading weapons and leveling up skills to improve your chances of survival​.

The gameplay involves running, jumping, and using various weapons to combat the zombie horde. Players can upgrade their weapons, add guards, and set traps to strengthen their defenses. Additionally, players can level up skills for their AI-controlled comrades, enhancing their ability to assist in the defense. The game requires strategic resource management and quick reflexes to survive the increasingly difficult waves of zombies​.

Developed by BadHed, “Radio Zed” has been appreciated for its engaging mechanics and challenging gameplay. The game’s combination of action and strategy, along with its immersive setting, makes it a standout title in the zombie survival genre. It has been available on various online gaming platforms, providing an accessible and entertaining experience for fans of shooter and defense games​​.

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