Zombies Inc

About Zombies Inc

“Zombies Inc.” is an intriguing strategy and management game that takes a unique approach to the popular zombie genre. Rather than focusing on survival in a zombie-infested world, this game flips the narrative and places the player in the role of the CEO of a company responsible for creating and managing zombies. The objective is to build and grow your zombie corporation, strategically spreading the zombie outbreak across the globe.

The gameplay in “Zombies Inc.” involves a mix of strategic planning and resource management. Players must make decisions about how to allocate their resources to create different types of zombies, each with unique abilities and characteristics. These decisions impact how effectively the zombies can spread the infection and take over various regions of the world. Additionally, players need to manage the financial aspect of their corporation, investing in research and development to create more efficient and powerful zombies, and dealing with the public and media response to the outbreak.

The game’s satirical and darkly humorous approach to the zombie apocalypse sets it apart from more traditional zombie games. The art style typically features a cartoonish and light-hearted aesthetic, which contrasts with the usually grim and serious tone of zombie-themed media. This blend of strategy, humor, and unconventional storytelling makes “Zombies Inc.” a unique and engaging experience in the world of online games. It’s an example of how games can use familiar themes in innovative ways, offering players a new perspective on well-trodden narratives like the zombie apocalypse.

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