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“New Star Soccer” offers players an immersive experience in the world of professional football by allowing them to control the career of a young footballer starting out in the lower leagues. As players advance in their career, they must make strategic decisions both on and off the field. This includes negotiating contracts, managing relationships with the boss, teammates, fans, and sponsors, and deciding how to spend their time training and which commercial opportunities to pursue​.

The game features a detailed gameplay system where players can improve their skills in five different areas: Pace, Power, Technique, Vision, and Free Kicks. Additionally, players must manage their life choices carefully, balancing the demands of professional sports with personal relationships and public perception​.

“New Star Soccer” has been praised for its depth and the realistic challenges it presents, simulating the ups and downs of a footballer’s life. This BAFTA-winning game is noted for its engaging gameplay and the way it blends sports management with an action-packed football experience​.

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