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“Onslaught 2” is a tower defense game that focuses on strategic gameplay where players must defend their base, Area 51, from waves of attackers. The game allows players to build and upgrade weapons, enhance defenses, and strategically use their earnings to prepare for increasingly difficult waves of enemies. This involves a mix of planning and quick reaction times, making it a challenging and engaging experience for players.

The developer, Nils Asejevs, designed “Onslaught 2” to offer a variety of upgrade paths, enabling players to customize their defensive strategies. This flexibility in game design allows for a personalized approach to each playthrough, appealing to both casual and hardcore tower defense enthusiasts. The game’s mechanics are designed to reward strategic planning and adaptation, as the threats evolve in complexity and strength.

“Onslaught 2” is available on multiple platforms, including web browsers and Android devices, ensuring accessibility for a wide audience. The game uses Flash technology, emulated for modern systems, which maintains the classic feel of early tower defense games while being compatible with contemporary hardware. The control scheme is simple, utilizing the left mouse button for all major actions, which makes the game easy to pick up for new players.

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