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Pac-Xon is a creative twist on the classic Pac-Man arcade game, blending the original Pac-Man’s maze-chasing elements with a unique enclosure mechanic. In Pac-Xon, the player controls Pac-Man with the goal of filling up the empty space in the level by building walls. The challenge comes from avoiding or trapping ghosts, which roam the grid and attempt to stop Pac-Man’s progress. As players succeed in covering a significant portion of the screen, they advance to the next level, where the difficulty increases with more ghosts and faster speeds. Pac-Xon keeps the addictive simplicity of the original game but adds strategic depth, as players must carefully navigate and choose the best paths to isolate the ghosts and claim the majority of the space. The game’s vibrant graphics and responsive controls make it an enjoyable experience for fans of the classic Pac-Man and those looking for a novel arcade-style challenge.

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