Stickicide Deluxe

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About Stickicide Deluxe

Stickicide Deluxe is a darkly humorous game where the primary objective is to creatively kill your stick figure character in as many ways as possible. Developed by Seth Wooten, the game challenges players to find all the hidden methods of committing “stickicide” across various environments. The gameplay revolves around using different tools and scenarios to end the stickman’s life, earning points for each unique method discovered. The game’s morbid charm lies in its simplicity and the variety of deaths, making it both a puzzle and an action game.

The controls are straightforward, requiring players to use the arrow keys to move the stickman into various lethal traps and hazards. Each scenario is designed to be progressively more challenging and inventive, pushing players to think outside the box. The game’s graphics are minimalistic but effective, using basic stick figure animations that enhance the humor and brutality of each death. Players are rewarded with higher scores for discovering new ways to die, making the replay value quite high as they strive to uncover every possible demise.

Stickicide Deluxe’s appeal comes from its dark humor and the satisfaction of discovering new death animations. It has garnered a dedicated following since its release, with many players enjoying the creative challenge it offers. The game’s success has even led to sequels, expanding on the original concept with new environments and death traps. Overall, Stickicide Deluxe is a unique blend of puzzle-solving and dark comedy, offering a macabre yet entertaining experience​.

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