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About BearBarians

“Bearbarians” is an exciting 2D action arena game where players control a team of bear warriors on a quest for revenge after their village is destroyed. Developed by Jay Armstrong Games, it features four distinct classes: Scouts, Brutes, Medics, and Mages, each with unique abilities. Scouts are quick with melee weapons and pistols, Brutes are strong and wield shotguns, Medics can heal teammates and use rifles, and Mages can shoot fireballs and teleport​.

The objective in “Bearbarians” is to rebuild your team and lead them to victory against various enemy tribes. Players can customize their warriors with different weapons, armor, and hats, which alter their stats and appearance. The game emphasizes strategic team management and fast-paced combat, requiring players to issue commands, level up characters, and unlock new gear to progress​.

“Bearbarians” is well-loved for its humor and engaging gameplay, blending strategic elements with action. It was initially available as a Flash game, which has since been deprecated, but it remains accessible on various gaming platforms. Its nostalgic value and the combination of strategy and action keep players coming back for more​.

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