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“The Next Floor” is a unique tower defense game with a twist: players must defend multiple floors of a building from invading monsters. Developed by Tony, this game combines traditional tower defense mechanics with an elevator system, where players must strategically place and upgrade turrets on different floors to fend off waves of enemies. The objective is to prevent the monsters from reaching the top floor and destroying the core.

Gameplay in “The Next Floor” involves a blend of strategic planning and quick decision-making. Players earn money by defeating enemies, which can be used to purchase and upgrade various types of turrets. Each turret type has distinct abilities and effectiveness against different enemies, requiring players to carefully plan their defense layout. The elevator system adds an additional layer of strategy, as players must move between floors to reinforce defenses and repair damaged turrets.

“The Next Floor” stands out for its innovative approach to the tower defense genre. The combination of vertical movement and traditional defense mechanics creates a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience. The game’s challenging levels and variety of enemies keep players on their toes, making it a compelling choice for fans of strategy games​.

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