Grow Games

The Grow Series games are a collection of innovative, point-and-click puzzle games that challenge players to create and develop various ecosystems using different elements and combinations. Created by On Nakayama, each game in the series is unique and features its own set of challenges and objectives.

The first game in the series, Grow Cube, challenges players to develop a cube into a flourishing ecosystem by strategically placing different elements like fire, water, and seeds. As the cube evolves and grows, players must continuously experiment with different combinations to discover the perfect order of elements.

In Grow Island, the objective is to create a self-sustaining island with a thriving civilization. Players must select different elements like agriculture, energy, and commerce to create a balanced ecosystem that supports growth and development.

Grow RPG takes the Grow Series games in a different direction, combining point-and-click puzzle gameplay with RPG elements. Players navigate through a medieval fantasy world, complete quests, and build a village by placing different elements, such as weapons and armor, in strategic locations.

In Grow Tower, players must build a tower to its maximum height using various elements such as magic, technology, and ancient artifacts. As the tower grows, players must continuously experiment with different combinations to reach the ultimate objective.

Other titles in the Grow Series include Grow Valley, Grow Cannon, Grow Maze, and Grow Nano. Each game offers a unique gameplay experience that challenges players to think strategically and experiment with different combinations to achieve the ultimate objective. The Grow Series games have garnered a large following and are known for their engaging gameplay, charming graphics, and innovative gameplay mechanics.