Draw Story

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About Draw Story

“Draw Story” is a beautifully crafted puzzle game that turns you into both the game’s hero and its creator. This game offers a unique blend of storytelling and puzzle-solving, where your imagination can run wild.

The game revolves around a small stick figure navigating through a variety of levels filled with obstacles. To help your character progress, you have to draw various objects like bridges, ramps, or shields with your pencil tool. The innovative gameplay mechanic requires strategic thinking, creativity, and a dash of imagination, making each level a unique challenge.

The charm of “Draw Story” lies not just in its innovative gameplay, but also in its simple yet captivating art style. The game’s minimalist visuals and serene soundtrack create a calming atmosphere that perfectly complements its creative gameplay. If you enjoy puzzle games and love the idea of crafting your own solutions, “Draw Story” offers an immersive, inventive, and rewarding experience.

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