My Dear Boss

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My Dear Boss

In “My Dear Boss”, the player takes on the role of an employee who has been driven to the edge by their demanding boss. The goal is simple: kick your boss as far as you can. The mechanics are easy to grasp, but there’s a certain satisfaction in seeing the boss character fly across the screen, making it surprisingly addictive.

Each successful kick earns you money, which can be used to upgrade your power and technique, allowing you to send your boss flying even further. There’s a comedic element in the boss’s exaggerated reactions to each kick, as well as the various obstacles and power-ups he encounters while flying through the air.

“My Dear Boss” takes the concept of a power fantasy and simplifies it down to its most basic form: the simple act of kicking a boss out of a window. Despite its simplicity, it offers a satisfying sense of retribution and relief. Whether you’re venting after a long day at work or just looking for a quick laugh, “My Dear Boss” provides a fun and humorous outlet for your frustrations.

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