Whack The Trump

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Whack The Trump

“Whack The Trump” is a politically charged satirical game that is part of whack it games. It takes the concept of the previous games and applies it to a more public figure, former US President Donald Trump. The game doesn’t aim to make any serious political statements, instead using humor and absurdity to lighten the potentially controversial subject matter.

At its core, “Whack The Trump” is a game about letting off steam. Each scenario presents a different humorous way to vent any frustrations you might have with the political figure. Whether it’s a pie to the face or a surprise trap door, the game consistently delivers laugh-out-loud moments of slapstick comedy.

Despite its seemingly divisive subject matter, “Whack The Trump” isn’t about taking sides in a political debate. It’s about turning a public figure into a cartoon character and reveling in the ridiculous situations that arise as a result. It’s a testament to the power of games to provide a safe and entertaining outlet for expressing frustration, no matter how you might feel about the person in question.

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