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“Vex 2” builds on the solid foundation set by an older version of Vex Series Games, introducing new mechanics and even more challenging levels. You still control a stick figure, but this time the game offers new obstacles like swinging pendulums and rotating platforms. The controls remain the same, with the arrow keys used for movement, ensuring that veterans of the first game will be able to jump right in.

The gameplay of “Vex 2” is as engaging as ever, with each level offering a fresh and unique challenge. The game also introduces a “stage builder” feature, allowing players to create their own levels and share them with others.

Visually, “Vex 2” maintains the same minimalistic style as the first game, while improving on the animations and overall fluidity of the gameplay. The sound design once again complements the gameplay, accentuating the intense moments and rewarding success with satisfying sound effects.

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