Elemental Balance

Note: For now just Hard Mode Works (All Levels).

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“Elemental Balance” is a physics-based puzzle game that requires both strategic thinking and precision. The game revolves around the four elements – fire, earth, wind, and water – and the goal is to manipulate these elements to destroy wooden blocks in each level.

In “Elemental Balance”, your task is to strategically place bombs of different elemental properties close to wooden blocks. Each element interacts uniquely with the blocks, and utilizing their different properties is key to successfully clearing the levels. For instance, fire burns wooden blocks, while water can help transport the other elements.

The game boasts charming graphics and a tranquil soundtrack, creating a relaxing gaming experience. As you progress, the levels become more complex, requiring careful planning and execution. The unique blend of physics-based gameplay and elemental mechanics makes “Elemental Balance” a compelling game that can engage and challenge players of all ages.

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