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“FullTime Killer” is an intense sniper game where players take on the role of an assassin tasked with eliminating targets without getting spotted. The game focuses on stealth and precision, requiring players to use a telescopic sight to find and shoot their targets before they are detected. The gameplay revolves around strategic shooting, making each shot count while remaining undetected​.

Set in a variety of environments, each level of “FullTime Killer” presents different challenges and enemy placements, ensuring that players must constantly adapt their strategies. The game’s simplicity in controls—typically using the mouse to aim and shoot—makes it accessible, yet its difficulty keeps it engaging for those who enjoy tactical shooting games​.

Originally released in 2007, “FullTime Killer” has maintained a loyal player base due to its challenging gameplay and the satisfaction of executing perfect sniping missions. It remains a popular choice among fans of action and shooting games, offering a blend of stealth and precision that tests players’ skills in a unique and compelling way​.

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