Gravity Den Beginning

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Info About Gravity Den Beginning

“Gravity Den: Beginning” is a puzzle platformer where players control a one-eyed blue monster capable of manipulating gravity. The goal is to collect stars and find the key to progress to the next level while avoiding traps and spikes. The unique gravity-changing mechanic allows the character to walk on walls and ceilings, adding a layer of strategy to the game​​.

The gameplay involves navigating through challenging levels filled with obstacles that require precise control of gravity. Players must carefully plan their moves to collect all the stars and avoid hazards. The controls are simple, using arrow keys for movement and WASD keys to change gravity, making the game accessible but demanding careful attention to detail and timing​.

“Gravity Den: Beginning” is noted for its engaging puzzle mechanics and charming character design. The game’s retro-style graphics and inventive gameplay keep players entertained as they solve puzzles and navigate through increasingly difficult levels. Its unique approach to platforming and gravity manipulation makes it a standout title in the puzzle platformer genre.

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